Saturday, October 12, 2019

Please join us for a round of Greyhound Bingo. To play, just select your bingo square, cross your fingers and hope for a big deposit. The grid is comprised of 100 squares. Each square is available for a $10 donation. The columns are G R E Y H O U N D S and the rows are numbered 1 through 10. So the first square would be G1 and the last would be S10. You need not be present to win. 

The game is played like this - we each choose and purchase our Bingo squares.  The day of the event (October 12), we will have the Bingo grid drawn on the ground using landscape paint.  The area will be roped off as well.  Each square will measure 24" x 24".  The idea is for a Greyhound (must be a Greyhound) to be released within the roped off area and allowed to "do his /her business" within the grid.  Obviously, if he/she poops in your square you will be the winner! 

Rules are:

  1. Dog must have just eaten a meal.

  2. Dog must poop within the roped off area.

  3. Dog must poop 80% within a marked square for it to count. If dog poop falls 100% within a square the owner of the square receives the prize money. If dog poop falls on a line each owner of the adjacent squares will split the prize money evenly.

  4. If poop does not fall in an owned square another dog will be released in the fenced area until poop falls in an owned square.

  5. Prize money will be 50% of total dollars in pool. The other 50% goes to Second Chance Greyhounds to help with our prison program for our Greyhounds!

Please choose your square(s). Use the Add to Cart feature to add more than one square before payment is submitted.  The Bingo grid is available here and is updated daily. If you have questions about your payment or your order, please contact Patti at

Greyhound Bingo
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