Saturday, October 12, 2019

Bring your peace, love, hounds and the following items for a totally copacetic day.  Please note we are running on flower power and will not have electricity or running water on the field.

  • Vaccination records - local laws require that your dogs be vaccinated. Have your records with you should they be needed.
  • Collars - time to show off those collars. Be sure to tighten up and inspect your collars so the dogs will remain safe.
  • Leashes - Fairburn and the state of GA have leash laws. All dogs must be on a leash at all times unless, of course, running THE STREAK.
  • Tags - have ID & vaccination tags on your dogs at all times.
  • Muzzles - bring a muzzle for each of your dogs, just in case.
  • Red Bandana - if your hound is uncomfortable in crowds or does not get along well with others, they should wear a RED BANDANA so others will know to inquire prior to approaching - feel free to use your own or pick one up at the Registration/Check-In Table.
  • Raincoat - it may rain, so please be prepared.
  • Old towels - these come in handy for wiping off dirty paws or cooling off your dog should it be hot.
  • Medications - be sure to pack any medications your dog may need, and treat them against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes - we will be outdoors near wooded areas.
  • Water Bowls - it is better than trying to use the hotel ice buckets.
  • Treats – these are a required greyhound essential.
  • Squawker- used to retrieve loose greyhounds.
  • Water- some dogs do not react well to water from other areas. To prevent tummy upset, bring water from home.
  • Poop Bags - even if your dog didn't put it down, please pick it up and see that it gets disposed of in a trashcan. Thank You!!
  • Blanket - have a blanket or something else for your dogs to lie down on at the festival.
  • X-pen or Crate - some dogs feel safer when in a crate or portable wire pen.  These are highly recommended for use at the festival.
  • Folding Chairs - for yourself when you need to relax a bit. 
  • Shade and Sunscreen - to keep you and your Greyhound safe from the sun. 
  • Cold Drinks - to hydrate yourself. 
  • Snacks - just in case. 
  • Toys - bring new toys to donate to our prison pups and receive two complimentary fun tickets!! 

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